Love of Self

First step before loving others is to start loving yourself. Stand in front of a mirror and try to find the better side of yourself. The more you look at yourself, you will see that by doing a little changes here and there in fashion or accessories, you can give more vibe for others to see especially for yourself to acknowledge it first.

In refining ourself, don’t just measure our outer looks, the inner beauty of our heart can reveal more light in our physical being. Our outer looks can be mended, change or uplifted by doing facials, hair styling, a little bit of make over and the attitude you bring into character. 

It doesn’t matter what form or shape you are now, love doesn’t see all that, all that you are seeing in the mirror right now is just the attraction, the attraction to get you attention from others in any way possible. But it will not attract love, maybe a sudden love struck that is driven by lust or desperateness but when it starts from there, this type of love will never long last. Maybe once in while, if you are lucky, that can be your love life.

People always say, sexy and good looking or model type of women can get love easier, yeah right… if so, why is it harder for them to get in a longer relationship with the so called loved ones? Because of their beauty and sexiness, the attraction is so overwhelming that all eyes are always onto her, so, there will be a lot of guys going nuts just to get her attention back.

This is the elements in life that can blurr the line between love and lust need. If every day 2 guys ask her and persuade her that he is the man for her, her mind can play tricks on her in making the right choices and in recognising the real guy who is sincere to her.

Other elements will come into play like materials stuff and of course the biggest element, Money. By each passing time, beauty will fade and of course the search for love is still on going. While the life struggle to get the love and the circumstances in that search comes in play, we will loose our way and ourself. That is when the terms money can buy love, because every guys that are trying to get our attention will give more material and more money by each attempt.

Love can’t be valued by materials or money. That is the lust that are blurring the way for love to nestle in our heart.

This circumstance will also apply to the middle average looking women. Try clearing your head first from any elements that can blurr your heart needs. Or you will end up the same maybe worst because you have to change yourself to compete with the sexier or more model type women out there. Maybe this will make you loose yourself much quicker even drive you nuts trying to keep your so called loved one.



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