Defining Love

What is Love?

What is Love? Many seek the true meaning of it. It’s basically a feeling of both mind and body interacting. A passion, a chemistry one might say. Events of love consists;

Longing to be near, close together, long talks about nothing, laughter and sharing, eyes filled with devotion, not wanting to imagine life without the other, doing nothing together just being together and having the best time.

Love in heart can pursue anything in this life, love can and will overcome any war man made. Where there is love, then there will be forgiveness and there will be peace to the heart and to the world.

Listen to your heart. You will hear the answer… it is very clear.

Understanding Love

To understand love on everyone’s point of view is difficult because everyone has their own opinion. To better understand love, we look for it in its natural form and place, our hearts.

Each person’s heart has their own needs and desire in being loved. We can ask our parents and friends on how they found their loved ones but it will not be the same with us. Because times are the factor that derives love status and needs in each decade and events in life.

Heart can be broken and also can be mended. Don’t keep the bad feelings and stuff in heart, the more it gets stuffed with bad things, the more it gets rotten and darken inside, and when there is a glimpse of real or true love in front of us, we will never notice its presence. So, free our heart from hatred and the 7 sins of human kind. Then only, our heart can nest a better living and feeling for our soul and body.

Love Yourself

Start by loving yourself. Know what triggers your heart in the sense of being loved. Whatever shape or form that we are, we must always start loving ourself. Only by that we can accept love in any form.

Try to understand oneself needs in companion and thus we can reflect it to others what are the needs of our love. We are not perfect so always keep in mind that others are not perfect too. We accept the way we are so try to accept others the way they are too, this way we will always feel comfortable being around people because we are comfortable with our own self.

Always be positive in life because love is a positive feeling in its nature. People can only talk bad but that is the only thing that they can do to us. We make what we want to be.

Try to be the best of yourself in every way possible. Each day we mould ourself to be better than yesterday. And always keep the spirit up in whatever life turns to us.

Change the way of thinking towards more positive towards ourself. Always keep calm even in turbulence times, just take 3 seconds to calm down and rethink our ways. No one else can change us, but only ourself is the main obstacle. In order to review ourself, try training our mind to see things in 10 different ways, review each steps needed in 10 different point of view.

Elements In Loving

Probably the most important element in love is the communication. Both must always be openly communicate with each other and understand the basic needs of both.

People always say, the truth can hurt but lying will always hurt more in love. So, just tell the truth whether it kills you inside. It is better this way rather than let the lies kill the love in time.

It takes huge courage to tell the truth, but love can amend things and if it does happen that our love one can’t accept our mistakes of truth, it shows that they can’t really accept us as whole, a full bodied person that is not perfect in any way but still have feelings. Feeling of respect for the love that made us tells the truth even if it will hurt us.

Perfect In Love

Love is such a big word to most people because it comes with huge responsibility. Love is everything in life, consists of every emotion entangled in one self, and completes each feeling. For example, in order to really feel safe, you must first feel the danger and threat, this will then give more meaning and feeling of safe itself.

That goes for love. In order to be loved, we must first learn to love ourselves. Knowing the needs of love is important to establish the foundation of love itself. Seek deep in yourself and find the calmness and kindness to your own heart. The pleasure it brings and the serenity but must always remember love is everything, so in order to seek calmness, you must also feel the chaos. Then ask your heart, feel it, does the chaos reverts to more deep feeling of calmness in your heart? If not, the true feeling of calmness is still in the lower scale.

Just be yourself and let your partner accept you the way you are. But of course we must first try to be the best we can. Everything evolves either to the good side or the bad side of each attraction. The choice is ours. If we want a meaningful love, then we must first try evolving ourself in the kind of love that we expect.

We want to be treated with respect, so does others, so the explanation is just quite simple, do to others what you would like others do to you. Being kind and loving to others would not lower any of our status or standard in life, we will not loose anything, but we will gain a better living standard even though we don’t receive what we expect. People aren’t perfect, be positive and just acknowledging it as the non-perfection of the human nature. Each person has their own distinctive character in life so does their ways of showing and receiving love. If we are open hearted in love and communication but others aren’t, we must educate and encourage them to be the same or better than us. This will push the limit of the relationship to higher level of understanding.

Love Searching

People seem to forget that while in search for love, they often lost their true self. Every twist and turn in life while render us of our true self. What ever it is, just seek deep in our heart for the quest. Reformat our self through our heart.

In these days, searching for love has been quite troublesome for many. The problem is that there are too many elements in life that contradicts in finding true love. The elements of life needs and wants, materials, commitments that contradict with the commitment of love and foremost… money.

These elements in life make the search for love more and more haze. Our heart sometimes gets confuse with these elements rather than accepting the true facts of life. Love doesn’t live on such elements, only on the basic human emotions of needing ness. The feeling of togetherness and the feeling of calmness of being together.

If we search too deep, we will loose ourselves in the search, so just search it in your heart, and let the love come as natural as it can in our heart.

Each thing in life need to be nurtured even love itself or it will become dull when time passes by. Remember how lovers first meet? They try to nurture love to the extent that they can really rely on each other for the safe feeling of being loved.

Understanding each others needs in love is a priority. Everyone has their own egos and sometimes this will affect the love in each other. So, just drop down the ego and try to understand in an open communication in love. The heart can speak and accept more when being calm. It’s like an open sea, if there is a storm, nothing can be settled, so just try to be calm and accept anything in return as that is the fact of each others need.

Love Pace

As love grows in our heart, we must put a pace in living to let the love fill fully in our heart. Every niche and turn in life will still render the love and maybe leave it a waste. Lovers always try to tend the love in every daily life but there is an important issue in maintaining love, and that is the trust. Other elements will be the down fall for love are anger, jealousy that are beyond control and of course, the third person that are envy of our happiness.

This is where the trust and open communication it at its utmost importance. Trust is always parallel with love. Sometimes things occur unexpectedly and it will bring wrong message to the other lover, thus the constant communication and better understanding of each other will bring lovers closer to each in every events of life.

Explore the life as lovers and explore the deeper meaning in a relationship as lovers. Maintain each others pace in love, each person’s pace is not the same depending on the level of love itself and the elements in life that can contribute in slowing the love pace. Never leave our partner behind, this will make them feel abandoned in the emotion way and thus slower the love pace in a relationship.

Everlasting Love

After all that has been done and love has reach the level of trust in each others heart, commitment to realize the love to the world surrounding that you are meant to be together will arise. Still the communications and understanding is needed. It is the commonly basic foundation of love, communication and understanding of each other.

Love will strive to the limits that no one can imagine, sometimes we hear of a tragic story of lovers sacrificing life for love. Sacrificing in love depends on the heart itself, the level of everlasting love differ from each person and each lovers condition of love.

Like Romeo and Juliet, the most tragic love stories. We must understand that love exceeds anything and even if love doesn’t mean togetherness in this lifetime, the level of love can heighten that it will make the lovers feel that love will and can make them lovers beyond this lifetime.

Some opinions says, hastiness made Romeo die in agony and wasted Juliet’s life in the end but it is the circumstances in their turn of life that made it that way. The love was so strong and intense between each other that made them can’t live without each other even for a minute. This is also the weakness in love itself, envious people out there will use this weakness to separate lovers as shown in Romeo and Juliet epic.

Love has no boundaries

Love lives in each of our hearts but it can exceed any boundaries in this world. Love for nature, love for peace and love for mankind is the love that can stop any war. But still as foundations of love, communication and understanding is still the basic foundation of love in what ever form love may come.

There are a few tips for lovers in the video included, but it all comes to one thing, we are the one that is in love, so we are what we make of ourself. Live brave and die trying is better than living in fear and die doubting ourself. May the love brings peace to all of our heart.




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